Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Second Chance at Life

This is my first entry and I’m quite excited!

We had the Kid’s Day today, an initiative by the organization in the office I am part of. We were both tired of last night’s ordeal at home that people may quickly dismiss as being “life’s realities”. But some people came along and we were caught by surprise. I know now that God quickly intervenes or even has cooked up something in anticipation of things that will occur in your life in the days to come, and how! No warning signs, whatsoever. You will understand things better once events have unfolded and you tried to put two and two together. Simply amazing!

I once came across this part of the statement, “… you can stand to be a lot happier.” If this were my last day on earth then I would truly want to be the happiest person who didn’t undermine her efforts to be the best person she can be. Most of us, myself included, are fond of saying, “If only…”, “That can wait”, “someday soon…”, “It will come in time”, “I will… ”, “so far…”, and many others in that context.

We have all the excuses in the world but the fact is, what we can control is NOW! You have to do it now or you might not be given another shot, let alone be allowed to look back.

Thus, if today is my last, I would have regretted not having done many things I’ve wanted to do. But I don’t want to end in a sad note. I’ll choose to be happy and thank God tonight for giving me the best life that I could have had. And then I resolve that from now on, I’ll live my life seizing the chances and at the end of the day, be prepared that it will be the end of my quest. And I will live a full life.

So here are the great blessings to rejoice over:
- motherhood
- marriage
- family
- friendships
- work (current and past)
- college degree
- wonderful childhood
- winning moments
- learning points

Indeed, what a great life it has been! And so I’ll end this day on my usual routine.

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