Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Wonderful Gift

Here I am again, initially thinking that I have yet an obligation to fulfill. But the moment I sat down and began to translate my thoughts into words, in just a short while, I began to think that I have breezed through another great day – this time at the office.

My baby was already asleep when I got home. It’s okay; I still can see him and feel the sweet scent up close.

I was thinking that I shouldn’t be in so much hurry to experience a lot of things (specifically, in building close ties with my fellow mothers in the company) if the feeling is not yet right or perfect. The key to a really good life is to listen to your heart and do what you have to do or associate with whom you want to connect, free of guilt or pressure. You have to learn to creatively manage your responses while being true to your character to promote a healthier and more effective environment, whether at work or at home.

This brings me to the notion of going the extra mile. For me, even thinking about a certain plan gets me excited. And for now, the fact alone that it came across my mind makes me happy that I’ll give myself the wonderful rest that I deserve, knowing I’ve done what I needed to do today. As for going the extra mile, I’ll find out how I can improve on that. But for now, I know it in my heart that I did a great job today. And I’ll lean on that awareness.

Thank you dear God for the wonderful gift of life! =)

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