Monday, April 7, 2008

Great Chances

There are times when I feel obligated to close my day with an entry but it should be understood that this is a work-in-progress initiative. So do not expect sudden transformation – it’s a myth. I go through the cycle of unrest, excitement, indifference and wanting to let go of the idea altogether, but I am here to learn about patience. Maybe for a start, I should think of this task that way – a test of patience. And then later, I will be able to rise above that.

There were plans not initiated today but it’s okay. This is not, after all, an attempt to be too hard on myself, rather the opposite. I won’t be hard on myself such that I won’t waste the chances of showing what I can do better – if not best – while being fully aware that this might be the last great chance for me to do so. This is not going against the natural course of things; this came into being out of my desire to improve myself by first, learning to control my own thoughts. Turning myself into a persistently positive person will be my greatest accomplishment. Well, it’s not that I’m unhappy – it’s an attempt to find the gateway towards man’s age-old illusion: contentment. I want to come face to face with it since I believe it can happen to me.

Life has been great. I’ve been given yet another great day to spend with my loved ones (on a non-working holiday). In the morning, I spent an hour feeding my baby who’s quite choosy with his food already. The afternoon was no different; I prepared something for him although he didn’t like it much. We also went for grocery shopping – one of my favorite pastimes – at the mall.

My parents-in-law has been here since Saturday and it’s always a delightful experience when loved ones pay a visit. God has been great and has always been abrupt in helping me up just when I’ve exhausted all my skills and chances. Now, I’m trying to pay back with a focused and broader perspective.

Thank you for the great life and great chances! =)

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